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Hi everyone. I'm new to this group, so I will post my profile information.

Hello, my name is:
Name: Kimberly
Birthdate: 1/13/1980

My Basics
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Sorry, I don't know. I'm not scrawny, and I'm not fat.
Location: East Hartford, CT

Basics that I'm looking for:
Gender: Male
Age: 23-30
Height: Taller than me
Weight: Hmm...not sure...not scrawny. lol

What sort of relationship i'm looking for:
Friendship and casual dating for now. If it's "right" it will develop into more.

My interests:
I have the quiet side, the reading, writing, watching tv, and on-line side. Then there's the side that likes to go out with friends, go to the movies, bowling, go to sporting events. There's probably stuff I'd love to do, but never done before.

Your interests:
Someone who likes sports, likes to laugh.

Other comments:
The guy I'm looking for doesn't have to have the same exact interests as me, but it would be nice to have something to talk about. Also, a guy with a sense of humor, who can make me laugh, but be balanced where everything isn't a joke. Open, honest, trustworthy, understanding. Sorry if that seems like a lot.
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