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My basic :
Name : Samantha
Age : 17
Birthday : September 18
Hair color : black but it might be pink soon
Height : 4'11
Weight : 103 pounds
Fav movie : Dracula 2000
Location : southern maine.
Bio : I'm a bit of a goth but I'm not an all out goth. I perfer black over any color but I will wear pink and white. I love wearing cloaks and robes but I do NOT do witchcraft. I just like the feel of robes and cloaks. I love the harry potter books (my live journal is set up as Remus Lupin from Harry potter) I just love english men so I can't help but love those books and movies.

What I'm looking for in a guy :
Age : Anywhere from 17 to 30
Weight : No one like super fat (i'm talking like over 250) I perfer light men around 150 - 180
Height : from 5'8 to 6'9
Location : Anywhere in new england. I would like ME, NH, or Mass.

Contact me :
Yahoo : kinky_werewolf
Email :
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